Community COVID Business Fund

In partnership with Indigenous Services Canada, SMEDCO is offering a Covid 19 impact fund for Metis communities and microbusinesses. SMEDCO Community Covid Business Fund is intended to mitigate the financial pressure experienced by Metis community-owned businesses and microbusinesses that were missed by prior Covid funding.

Financing Packages

This Financing package is designed to create the most affordable primary term debt for Métis Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. SMEDCO has combined traditional financing with non-repayable contributions to create a low-cost borrowing option compared to basic mainstream financing options.

First Time Home Buyers Program

SMEDCO is proud to offer the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan First-Time Home Buyers Program to eligible Métis citizens in Saskatchewan. The program is designed to help Métis citizens overcome the challenge of trying to save sufficient funds that financial institutions require for a down payment to purchase their first home.

Métis Emergency Capital Assistance Program

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, SaskMétis Economic Development Corp. (SMEDCO) has taken multiple steps to provide positive programming for Métis business owners impacted by Covid-19. SMEDCO is offering the Métis Emergency Capital Assistance Program (MECAP) through support from the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan and the Federal Government of Canada.

Primary Producer Incentive Program

SMEDCO is honouring the past and tradition by offering a program to aid traditional Métis artisans and businesses. Whether you bead, leatherwork, fish, or trap, SMEDCO is committed to offering some help to continue your traditional craft.